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General Commentary, Part I

Notice To Record Store Employees

Look, I know you’re better than me because you’re in a band and collect blue 7” records. I realize having to talk to nimrods like me must be an insult to a person with as many piercings and tattoos as you have. And I sure must be an idiot because I’ve never heard of the group on your smelly t-shirt, The 10th Floor Escalator Vanilla Wristwatch. All this and more is true, and I’m truly sorry, but…

Get a freaking life, OK? I swallow other people’s crap all day at my own job so in my free time I don’t want any attitude from a minimum wage circus freak with a bad haircut. Go on medication, quit, kill yourself, I really don’t care, just do your job and help me find what I came in for. I’m the customer. I buy records because they make me happy. Dealing with asses like you detracts from the experience. You may be royalty on Planet Fuggknuckle but in this reality, as long as you’re being paid to do so, you exist to serve my minimal needs. Maybe one day you can be manager and supervise other zeros like yourself. What sweet irony that will be. You’ll still have to kiss my ass. Why, because my salary pays your salary.

I laugh at your delusional superiority. It’s not my fault you get paid what you’re worth. Don’t take it out on me. It’s not my problem. All I know is that your attitude sucks and you shouldn’t be allowed to mix with the general public. Go flip burgers or clean toilets where you can be alone with the resentments of your failures. I’m not asking you to knit me a sweater, I just want to know if a certain CD is in stock.

If your lack of personality is supposed to impress or threaten me, you’re wrong. All I think about when you talk down to me is how you wouldn’t be so smug after my boot dislodges your last tooth. All I’m asking for is a little courtesy. If that’s too much to ask for, then where you are now is where you’ll be for the rest of your miserable life, but like I said, I really don’t care. Just do your job and spare me the honor of having to experience you. 

Honorable Suicide

Yes, I do think there should be such a thing as an honorable suicide, and in this sick world we need to bring it back into fashion as a viable alternative for lunatics who take out their problems on others instead of just themselves. If you think crime is a symbol of Society's failures and a plea for help, you're well intentioned yet naive, so be quiet and pray for the Unicorn King to scurry back from Smurf Island with a new bag of magical smiles.

Sure I wish life was fairer for everyone, but inequity is systematic all over the world and there’s no one cure. Socialism fails because too many people are lazy, stupid, and/or greedy to cooperate. If Behaviorism was a perfect science we could trace all bad behaviors to bad experiences, then maybe plan accordingly. But, in reality our best mental profiles are just theories, as reliable as dream analysis. What makes one kid shoot his classmates while another retreats into a world of science fiction books? It could be many factors or nothing more than the rubber band of sanity snapping after being wound too tight for too long. Why does a person become a nazi skinhead who wishes to personally perpetrate genocide? It shouldn't make a huge difference why. These cretins are defective and need to be contained if not crushed entirely.

Who’s to blame? Everything, everyone, nothing and nobody. The world is at best an indifferent place, and most people have problems that can't be solved with all the time, money and counseling available. MTV, video games and conglomerate backed nihilistic culture have turned legions of youth into mentally complacent, amoral morons easily led by the nose ring to either slaughter or be slaughtered. Kids are left to raise themselves in families where both parents work. Things are different today than 20 years ago, no matter how many successful Gen X kids are wheeled out or how many times the dumb comparison is made between kids playing Cowboys and Indians back in 1963 and kids playing video kill games today. Fact: the military uses violent video games to condition soldiers to instinctively kill. I rest my case.

I'm not saying anyone with any problem should commit honorable suicide. We need more counseling and intervention for those in true need. Still, for those looking to take out their problems violently on others, it should be made known that if life sucks so much, the last and most honorable thing they can do is take themselves out first. Make it sound like the chance for redemption it might actually be. Not everyone can be saved, but maybe we can save ourselves from others by Americanizing Hara Kiri (or as they say in Chicago, Harry Caray). Call me what you want, but I think the trash should take itself out for a change.

Ayn Rand – Greed Cult Of Asses

If I Only Had A Heart, Maybe I'd Have Been Human

I’m always been intrigued by cults, which are really small religions lacking tax exempt status. A religion is a set of beliefs that give life meaning and purpose. What interests me most is what makes a person choose a vampire death cult, anarchistic atheism, Rev. Moon or Amway. It seems there’s a cult for every legitimate need and blatant insanity. Ayn (rhymes with "mine") Rand – poet, novelist and self-mythologizing philosopher, has gained cult-capital with Objectivism, a philosophy of greed masquerading as manifest destiny. It combines new age inner-child self-interest with a militant capitalism that’s pure economic Darwinism. It’s Reagan’s trickle down economics without the trickle, ego as god’s will and money lust as therapy. The Ayn Rand Institute exists to spread and dictate the Word of Ayn Rand. If this is not a cult, nothing is.

Randians are the cult followers of Objectivism, which was first expressed in two novels, The Fountainhead (1943) and Atlas Shrugged (1957), endless works in which lead characters speak in oratories so dogmatic they bitch slap Bertold Brecht in his grave. Rand wrote extensively about her philosophy and lived a life of smug self-satisfaction. She described the tenants of Objectivism as Objective Reality, Reason, Self-Interest and Capitalism. The writings of Objectivism are monuments to mental masturbation, rationalization and phony intellect, yet worst of all it's a classic example of how language can be manipulated to where up is down and down is sideways. George Orwell must be spinning like a drill towards the earth’s core.

Start with the word Objectivism. Objectivity is relative in a world where truth is open to interpretation. 99% of the time the best we can accomplish is rational subjectivity. Objectivism is presented as an absolute truth, which is the same claim made by dictatorships and religious fundamentalists Rand despises (out of competition I guess). The terms liberty, freedom, inalienable rights, reason, judgment, morality, rights, self-esteem and purpose are used frequently in Objectivist writings, but are used only in contexts that promote Objectivist thinking uber alles. Objectivism asserts that absolute truth is a result of reason, which can only come from a strict adherence to Rand's writings. If you don't follow her logic you are inferior and wrong.

Objectivism is a wordy rationalization for greed. Ta Da! That's it. Lofty terms are thrown in only for effect. It's taking raw self-interest and dressing it up all pretty in dramatic pseudo-philosophy. How else to explain such crap as "One's own independent judgment is the means by which one must choose one's actions, but it is not a moral criterion nor a moral validation; only reference to a demonstrable principle can validate one's choices". This is confusing by design. Any group selling you Freedom is only pushing their own brand of subservience.

Rand wrote, "Your highest moral purpose is the achievement of your own happiness." She defines "sacrifice" as forsaking a greater value for a lesser value. Rand took Look Out For #1 to the extreme of developing a cult combining greed and nihilism in a sheep's clothing of moral imperative. Devout Rand followers openly attack volunteer work as a moral evil and assert that altruism leads to dictatorship. Rand herself said she wasn't against charity per say but her contempt for anyone too morally weak to be rich leads me to think she never willingly gave a dime to anyone out of simple kindness

Rand's novels are still bestsellers, and polling found only the bible to be more influential. That’s sad. Readers are drawn to her strong characters who stand tall in the face of adversity, yet her writing style is as clunky as an AMF- era Harley Davidson. Hopefully very few of her readers agree with Rand that the idea of charity led to the Nazi Holocaust. Objectivists point to massive book sales as proof of Rand's influence on modern thought, but buying a book doesn’t mean reading it, and reading it doesn’t mean agreeing or even finding its deeper meaning.

Ronald Reagan just as strongly made economic self-interest a virtue under the pretext of enlightened self-interest. When Rand said, "Since time immemorial and pre-industrial, 'greed' has been the accusation hurled at the rich by the concrete-bound illiterates who were unable to conceive of the source of wealth or of the motivation of those who produce it", it's not hard to see a self-satisfied pseudo-intellectual spitting judgment down from a high throne of her own imagination.

Ayn Rand clubs dot the country, where devotees discuss the minutia of her life. The Nataniel Branden Institute teaches, among other things, that Ayn Rand was the greatest person who ever lived, that Atlas Shrugged is the greatest achievement in human history, and that Ayn Rand is the supreme arbiter in any issue pertaining to what is rational, moral, or appropriate to life on earth. What a pile of poop! Can't you just smell the blind hero worship in anyone who feels this way about another human being?

Rand passed apocalyptic judgment on everything and everyone. Her ego knew no limits. She was so impressed by her own existence I'm shocked she didn't save her bowel movements in silver jars. Failure to follow her every dictate was deemed a failure in life. She cheated on her husband and rationalized it as her just reward. That she manipulated others to the point of creating a fascistic cult of personality in her own lifetime is a testament to the depths of her own depravity and the mental weakness of her followers. I hate phony intellectuals. I hate greedy asses who think they're superior because they’re pushy. I hate cults of personality. Ayn Rand is an ass.

If an Ayn Rand follower was to read this, their response would be that if I really read and understood her writings I'd be a believer too. That's one of my favorite examples of dumb rhetoric. Wait. I’m in contact with the spirit world... oooOOOOOooo.. the spirit of Ayn Rand tells me she has a message for her followers.. OOOOOooooOOOoo.... quiet, she's saying something... gather in the courtyard and drink the Kool-Aid. Drink the freakin’ Kool-Aid and die, you bastards!!!!!

More Proof That Ayn Rand Followers Are Losers

In response to the article above I received a few e-mails from Rand’s sheep-like followers, and there were no variations in the cult's standard id-based arguments for blind selfishness. They must work from a form letter. I hope rapists never become this organized. Child molesters have, but that another story.

For exercise they publicly protest anti-monopoly laws and the very concept of charity. California's current energy crisis has provided them another opportunity to air their insanity in the media. 99% of the public laughs but they might win converts from the 1% of those predisposed to Rand's brand of pathology. It's the same recruiting method used by extreme hate groups. The LA Times recently ran an article on the Ayn Rand Institute's positions against conservation. When a deadline approaches it's a no-brainer to sort through the reams of crap that spews from newsroom faxes on a daily basis. Here's a great quote:

"Expecting the American people to lower their standards of living is an immoral idea. Conservation is not a long or short term solution to the energy crisis. Conservation is the un-American idea of resigning oneself to doing with less - like a sick person who stops seeking a cure and resigns himself to living with his illness"

What they leave out is the Objectivist's belief that if a sick person stands in the way of you getting what you want, be it a business deal, a parking space or a candy bar, it is within your moral right as a god of self-interest to crush them. The ends justifies all means, and as long as you chant the Rand mantra of "Me Me Me", no outside moral code applies. If Hitler was a libertarian, his reign of terror would have been Ayn Rand's Objectivism.


This Modern World

Above is a This Modern World cartoon by Tom Tomorrow. It's a textbook example of the dogmatic socialist propaganda that passes for intellectual thought in punk circles. This whole line of argument is 50% socialism - 50% conspiracy paranoia as theorized by Karl Marx, given dramatic voice by playwright Bertolt Brecht and in this country lent academic weight by Gnome Crapsky. The very existence of Dilbert seems to offend Tom Tomorrow, who sees the popular strip as a form of mind control backed by the evil masters of capitalism to keep the heroic working class docile and unquestioning. Tom, lighten up, it's a freakin comic strip. I found a book in a local commie bookstore that asserted many Disney characters are propaganda tools of capitalism. Too many people have too much free time on their hands and not enough sanity in their heads.

Punk magazines (especially MaximumRockNRoll) print rambling tracts like this to denounce capitalism, imperialism, religion, patriotism and everything else within reach. I agree with some of the information they present - many institutions are corrupt, but it becomes painfully obvious the same treatment will never be given to Mao's Cultural Revolution, Castro's Cuba, or Russian imperialism. Is this hypocritical and even duplicitous? Hell yes! If you can look the other way when one of your own commits the same crimes as those you hate, then YES you are a duplicitous hypocrite. Hey, don't get me wrong. I'm no right-wing apologist. I'm simply not fooled by blind ideology. This is the same level of rhetoric you hear from militia groups and holocaust revisionists. The difference is that ultra right groups have a collective I.Q. of 47. Gnome Crapsky is a college professor (does he even have time to teach?). As an aside, in 1991 MaximumRockNRoll started defending holocaust revisionism. Smash the state, Adolph!

On paper socialism looks good, but in practice there is little fairness and many are left behind. In theory you put in what you can and get back what you need. One for all, all for one - which would work if people werent lazy and greedy. Look at China, the old Soviet Union and Cuba. Those who control the state control the wealth. In the real world of human nature, socialism and Marxism have been dismal failures. Where have these principles actually succeeded? Food co-ops in America and Kibbutz farms in Israel, both voluntary ventures. Go figure.

This attack on Dilbert is trite political propaganda and should be recognized as such. Left or Right, it all stinks. Most punks drop out of the scene by the time they leave home and work to support themselves. Why? Partially because of endless demands for revolution in every aspect of your life gets to be too much. The rhetoric screams in your face. The adults I know are too busy working, playing, and raising kids to overturn The System. It's not exactly complacency. It's more like having and living a life.

Explaining Hitler

There's a new book on Adolf Hitler, this one different in that the author analyzes existing literature and psychoanalysis on the most hated man of this century. Ron Rosenbaum's Explaining Hitler: The Search for the Origins of His Evil has received a lot of press and the author has been making the rounds promoting the book. He makes a great point that most Hitler biographies have reflected the agendas of the authors as much as they report history. My favorite theory is that Hitler had one testicle and at least some of his behavior can be explained by the Lone Nut factor. I've read where Hitler was a coprophiliac and the entire Nazi thing came from a form of Devil worship called Thulism. Some trace everything back to an abusive father or the death of his mother to cancer while under the care of a jewish doctor. A big issue when considering Hitler, WWII and the Holocaust is the nature of evil itself. Did Hitler think he was doing the right thing? Did he know the full consequences of his actions? Can pure evil exist in human form?

Attempts at defining and explaining Hitler's motivations help remove him from direct blame because behaviors that can be traced to bad experiences act as excuses for such behavior, as if Hitler had no choice but to end up the way he did. Behavioral science is a valuable tool but it should never be used as an excuse for pure evil. Hitler did not work alone, and as events in Bosnia and Ireland prove, it's part of human nature for average citizens to turn against their own neighbors in bloodlust masquerading as religion or nationalism. It's like The Lord Of The Flies and it can happen even among the educated middle class. The poor are easily led around by their class hatreds and the rich know how to benefit from oppression.

Hitler was a vicious psychopath and a textbook example of pure evil. He was also a very bad tactical general. His consistently poor battlefield strategies helped lose the war for Germany. Evil is manifested in thoughts and actions. If Hitler isn't evil according to new age psychobabble, then we're letting every murderous bastard know they'll never be held fully responsible for their crimes. Peter Boyle had a great line on the X-Files when he meets the killer who's murdering psychics. Boyle has the ability to foresee people's deaths, and the killer asks him why he's committing such horrible acts. The answer, "Because you're a homicidal maniac, that's why." Some people are just maniacs, others amoral predators who swindle the elderly, while still others rape, torture or murder for thrill. This doesn't make them insane - they may just lack the ability to control their worst human behavior. Hitler knew what he was doing, he knew the consequences of his actions. He was not insane. We like to think people are either normal or crazy. It's not that simple and it doesn’t address the very real evil that exists in the human heart and mind.

Present day Hitlerians are either educated psychopaths or self-hating, poor, uneducated losers with bad drug, drinking, criminal and family histories. The latter fall under the control of the former who use them like the Brown Shirts were used by Hitler to attack his enemies. Hitler eventually had the Brown Shirts killed because they could not be controlled. Nazis and the klan hide behind a First Amendment they would destroy in a moment if they had their way. When nazis says they want to round up all blacks, jews, Mexicans, Indians etc. and wipe them off the face off the Earth, that’s a murderous threat, not free speech.

Threats of genocide should be taken seriously. It's not a matter of intelligent people disagreeing. For the most part people are well intentioned, but nazis are killers waiting to kill. They stockpile weapons, train for war and openly advocate murder and violence. The United States works so hard to protect their right to work toward that goal, and we’re suckers. They know we're suckers, so they smirk when talking about rights and freedoms. Our own love of freedom is to these evil bastards the key to our defeat. We should neither defend nor explain these people away. Hate knows only one language and we shouldn't be hesitant to speak back in kind. It’s easy to explain Hitler. Hitler was an asshole. Let's start from there or leave it at that.


 (written in 2002)

The SLA Gets Theirs, Finally

I like hippies when they bang their crazy bongo drums, dance in the park to silent music skipping in their crispy unwashed heads and sell me coconut covered fig squares at a co-op. When they join together in death cults, that's when the joke turns tragic. The worst-case example was Charles Manson and his girls, who made quite the dysfunctional family in the late 60s. Chuck was nuts and his followers natural born losers. Charlie claimed that by carrying out the Tate-LaBianca murders a race riot would break out all over America and, uh, then what, the Manson Family takes over the country before the dust settles? Then in the 1970s there was the Symbionese Liberation Army, a ragtag collection of mostly white middle class college students whose motto was, and you can't fabricate insanity like this, "Death to the fascist insect that preys upon the life of the people." Their story would be hysterically funny if it also wasn't also incredibly dumbd and violent. Any realistic film about the SLA would have to be a black comedy, if not a cartoon.

26 years after church volunteer Myrna Opsahl was murdered as she waited to make a deposit in the Crocker National Bank in Carmichael, CA, the remaining members of the SLA have been rounded up and charged with robbery and murder. Emily Harris is quoted to have said of Opshal’s murder, "She was a bourgeois pig anyway. Her husband is a doctor." I'm so happy forensic science caught up with these monsters, especially Sarah Jane Olson, who was just sentenced for her role in the attempted murder of police officers. That she presents herself as a loving soccer mom and upright citizen is such a mockery of the ideals, and it's her fault her children have to deal with her legacy. There are so many reasons why these people deserve no pity and no time off for good behavior. I hate these cretins and I'll tell you why.

I don't believe in a statute of limitation for any crime, and I applaud Jon Opsahl's endless campaign to bring to justice the killers of his mother, who led a peaceful life the former SLA members mocked by adopting as their own. He wanted revenge - vengeance based on hatred for what was done and what was taken from him. He's within his rights and nobody can tell him how must feel, even 26 years later. He has every right to say "screw you" to anyone who tells him what to think, and I'm sure he has. There's absolutely nothing wrong with revenge as long as it's proportional and dealt to the right people. Eye for an eye is standard procedure in 90% of the world, no matter what fantasy world you yourself live in.

Which reminds me. After 9-11 I read letters to the editor from hippies who conjectured that those who died in the World Trade Center would not want the result of their tragedy to be revenge. Bull. I grew up in New York, and I know for damn sure the victims of 9-11 are still up there somewhere taking turns beating the crap out of the terrorists who destroyed their lives and those of their loved ones. If it took dropping nuclear weapons on every 7th century culture to prevent another devastating attack on Americans, believe you me the victims of 9-11 would give it big ghostly thumbs up.

Another letter to the editor opined "I don't understand why it is therapeutic and satisfying for Jon Opsahl to be an instrument for taking parents away from their children. Does it make his loss any less painful to know that he has inflicted that same pain on other children?" Sara Jane Olson, formerly Kathleen Soliah when she helped the SLA carry out their agenda of murder, is solely responsible for the suffering of her own children. She went on the lam knowing she could be arrested at any moment. She chose to marry and raise a family knowing it would come to this if she got caught. She was caught, and the tears of her children are her fault alone. Did you hear the joke about the guy found guilty of murdering his parents who then cries to the judge "Have pity on me, I'm an orphan!"? Jon Opsahl can sleep peacefully at night over the issue. And like he says, "I think they've gotten as much time off for good behavior as they're going to get."

Below I've pasted a history of the SLA. Well written articles are available if you google around. They all paint the same picture of a band of drugged, rich, educated screwups drunk on bankrupt ideology and the license it provided to commit murder and crime for  a so-called cause.  The first thing they did to draw attention to themselves was murder the respected black Superintendent of the Oakland School System for imagined crimes against minorities. They then began sending communiqués to the press and a media circus ensued. They might have attracted a degree of empathy if every move they made wasn't either sick or laughable. Kidnapping Patty Hearst and getting her to go along on the Crocker bank job is what most people remember about the SLA.

Sara Jane Olson helped the SLA obtain materials used to construct bombs to kill Los Angeles police officers, if not making the bombs or planting them herself. She had to know the history, tactics and goals of the SLA, and I'm sure she joined because of these things, so by doing so she is as guilty as whoever planted the bombs. I have no pity for her. It's like saying you didn't rape that woman, you just held her down while all your friends took turns. And I’m also against the idea of "attempted" murder. If you intend for someone to die and carry out those actions, why be treated more gently when your plans fail? You should be executed twice, once for murder and again for failing. Since you can't kill someone twice (silly me), maybe instead the bodies should be dragged through the streets while people throw rocks and dance, like they do in countries Anarchists say rightfully hate us for our flush toilets and markets where fly covered meat doesn't hang on hooks in the sun.

The trial should be a travesty and radicals from the period will weigh in on how all the cool people wanted to kill the pigs back then, so what's the big deal. Super C-Word Susan Sontag, a real champion of the working classes, will have to keep her mouth shut on this one after her swift implication that the thousands of people who died in the WTC got what they deserved.

On a comically stupid note, the SLA kids gave themselves cool code names and came up with rules and regulations just like the big kids! Here's a sample of their club rules:





Here's the article on the SLA:

The Symbionese Liberation Army was born in fall 1973 in Berkeley, Calif., from a deadly collusion of black convicts and middle-class white radicals. Through spectacular crimes and their attendant press coverage, the dozen or so founding members of the SLA sought to ignite a "people's rebellion" against the U.S. government and corporate America. The core of the SLA died in a clash with police in May 1974 and in September 1975, after the FBI captured three surviving members, including heiress Patty Hearst, authorities declared the SLA dead.

Out of the Prisons

In the early 1970s, there was escalating violence in California prisons between black inmates and white guards. Several high-profile murders of guards and prisoners drew the attention of the state's radicals. Many in the movement believed the black inmates were political prisoners and began organizing to support them.

In the Bay Area, white radicals, many of whom lived and studied in Berkeley, began visiting prisoners and sitting in on prison-sanctioned discussion groups like the Black Cultural Association at the Vacaville facility. The visitors injected their own anti-establishment political views, railing against institutional racism and colonialism and advocating Maoism and Marxism.

Among those who visited the prisons were six future members of the SLA: Willie Wolfe, Emily Harris, her husband Bill, Nancy Ling Perry, Russell Little and Joe Remiro. One of the inmates they met was Donald DeFreeze, a 29-year-old black convict from Los Angeles with a criminal record stretching back to his early teens.

In spring 1973, DeFreeze escaped from prison and joined his new friends in Berkeley. They introduced him to counterculture colleagues — Patricia Soltysik, Camilla Hall and Angela Atwood — and by that fall, the group had a plan for revolution.

They coined the term "symbionese" to refer to different types of people — black, white, young, old — living in harmony. For their symbol, they chose the seven-headed cobra, or naga. The heads stood for seven principles — unity, self-determination, collective work and responsibility, cooperative production, purpose, creativity and faith. The soldiers gave themselves "reborn" names and ranks, such as "General Field Marshall Cinque Mtume" adopted by DeFreeze and "General Tekko" taken on by Bill Harris.

The Symbionese Liberation Army began in the fall of 1973 when no more than a dozen white, college-educated children of middle-class families adopted a seven-headed snake as their symbol, a black ex-convict as their leader, and the phrase, ``Death to the fascist insect that preys upon the life of the people'' as their slogan.

The violent group derived its name from the word ``symbiosis,'' a biological term referring to unlike organisms coexisting harmoniously for mutual benefit.

Some dates in the history of the SLA:

Nov. 6, 1973: The SLA issues a ``communique'' claiming responsibility for the murder of Oakland Schools Superintendent Marcus Foster, a black man, because he supposedly favored a police plan for students to carry identification. Joseph Remiro is serving a life sentence for helping shoot Foster.

Feb. 4, 1974: SLA kidnaps 19-year-old newspaper heiress Patricia Hearst from her Berkeley, Calif., apartment.

April 15, 1974: After weeks locked in a closet, Hearst joins the SLA, begins calling herself ``Tania,'' after the girlfriend of Cuban revolutionary leader Che Guevara, and is photographed holding a rifle during a robbery of the Hibernia Bank branch in San Francisco.

May 17, 1974: Six heavily armed members of the SLA, including leader Donald DeFreeze, die in a shootout and fire that consumes their Los Angeles hideout. Hearst and Bill and Emily Harris escape because they had been stopped at a store for shoplifting. The Harrises eventually serve eight years in prison for the Hearst kidnapping.

April 21, 1975: Myrna Opsahl, 42, is killed during a robbery of the Crocker National Bank in Carmichael, near Sacramento.

Sept. 18, 1975: Hearst captured by the FBI (news - web sites) in San Francisco.

March 20, 1976: Hearst convicted of robbing the San Francisco bank.

1976: Steven Soliah acquitted on charges related to the Carmichael robbery.

January 1979: President Carter commutes Hearst's seven-year sentence and she is released from prison after serving 21 months.

June 1999: Kathleen Soliah, Steven's sister, arrested in St. Paul, Minn., where she has been living under the name Sara Jane Olson.

January 2001: Hearst pardoned by President Clinton (news - web sites).

October 2001: Olson pleads guilty to possessing bombs with intent to murder police officers by bombing Los Angeles police cars in retaliation for the 1974 shootout.

Wednesday: Olson, Bill and Emily Harris, Mike Bortin and James Kilgore charged with first-degree murder in Opsahl's death.

Sorry, But Sorry Isn't Good Enough
What I Really Mean To Say Is I'm Sorry I Was Caught

I read newspapers daily, which is a horrible thing to do if you have high blood pressure or harbor delusions about the inherent goodness of mankind. It's a freak show out there, and inhumanity defines a healthy chunk of humanity. I wouldn't last a week as a social worker or cop, and whenever I meet one or the other all I can think of asking is either how they keep their sanity or how long it took to lose all sympathy for the kooks they deal with.

Here's a brain-warper I came up with with my own wittle warped cranium sponge - derive the percentage of the U.S. economy based on the reality that people can't be trusted. Here's a partial list, and if you're an Anarchist who believes the very existence of laws and organizations are the only factors that lead to bad behavior, turn yourself in for a lobotomy before you vote for Ralph Nader again because things have to hit rock bottom before they can possibly get better: The police, army, FBI, security guards, a bazillion regulatory agencies, prisons, the legal profession, locksmiths, rehab centers, battered women shelters, self defense classes, (a certain percentage of) gun sales, theft prevention tags, and those neat exploding ink bombs they put in bags of stolen bank loot so it goes "boosh!" and the money's marked so the robbers can't spend it. Coooool.

For some reason, lately everyone is saying they're sorry they did something horribly wrong, or being noticed for not saying they're sorry. Who cares either way?! After you've crossed a given line of reprehensible behavior, it's too late to say you're sorry, and if you say you're sorry, you're wasting your breath because it's too late to make it all better. If you hurt someone's feelings, it's completely appropriate to apologize. If you gang rape teenage girls, repeatedly, for hours, it's too late to tell the Los Angeles Times you're really really sorry.

Timothy McVeigh, who deserved to die by being slowly fed into a tree shredder, never apologized for what he did. He died standing tall as only a baby killer can. Some of the relatives of his victims desperately craved some indication Timmy felt remorse over his actions. Why, dammit, why? Would showing remorse resolve anything? I think the great concern here is a creeping fear that pure evil does exist, that there might not be a God, or that God doesn't care, or that God's plan for you sucks. If Timmy sobs a bit and begs for forgiveness, maybe that means to these people that in the end evil doesn't win. Evil only wins if it’s allowed to continue breathing air.

People who do bad things on purpose are only sorry they got caught. People who repeatedly do bad things are psychopaths who say they're sorry just to avoid jail time.They laugh at you on the inside when they say they're sorry. If you step on someone's foot and say you're sorry, usually everybody's happy. If you steal a car to buy drugs and then say you're sorry when you get caught, someone might feel a little pity if, and only if, they get their vehicle back in perfect condition. Murder or rape and it's too late for words. I'm sorry some people feel the need to hear a lie to make themselves feel better.

 Leaving Las Vegas

I just drove back from Las Vegas. I recently lived in that burning hellhole for 18 months. At first I thought it was neat to live in a city where the temperature gets up to 114 degrees at midnight, buffets are cheap, and in theory everything's available 24 hours a day. It grew old after a year and now when I visit all I want to do is avoid everything and get back to Long Beach ASAP. Las Vegas has to be America's dumbest city.

Casino billboards brag they have the "loosest slots", which means they hope you'll barely feel it as they screw you out of your rent money. Living in Las Vegas is like residing in Disney World in that you have to navigate through gaudy attractions to get from one place to another, the entire way clogged with obese Midwesterners in cars and on foot, both traveling at the same speed. The locals' attitude towards tourists is a big fake smile and a "Thanks for depositing your kid’s college funds into a video game!" It's amazing how many Vegas tourists are shaped like walruses, which they expose in short shorts and tank tops. Why these people flock to the transvestite stage shows in the casinos is a mystery because they seemingly reek of homophobia. The good looking people in Vegas work there, and they're paid to look attractive, if you know what I'm saying.

It's called "Sin City" but Vegas is less sleazy than you'd think, at least in the way oldsters like me associate sleaze with the NY Times Square of yore, where a walk down 4second street meant whispered offers of drugs, prostitution and anything else you'd need from the Mafia. The skin trade in Vegas is sanitized for the tourists. Very few strip clubs are all nude. I never saw hookers working street corners like they do in other cities. With all the conventions and tourists there's prostitution galore but it’s mostly outcall and corporate.

Vegas is what I call one of America's drains, in that it's a last stop before arrest, death by self-abuse, or suicide. They make a big deal about it being a place of fresh starts, but for many it's the end of the road. The homeless population in Las Vegas is staggering, and they patrol downtown like an undead army. Many homes and entire communities are surrounded by huge walls. There's so much petty crime going on at all times the police race around town like they work on commission.

The great financial promise of Las Vegas is a ponzi scheme. Commission salespeople sell beepers and car phones and cars and pencils and suits and bad haircuts and eggshell homes... to other commission salespeople. The real industry of Las Vegas is debt. High paying jobs are hard to find and much of the work is seasonal or too dependent on continued growth. Highly educated professionals work in warehouses at barely above minimum wage. To Serve Man - it's a cookbook!

Casinos are a sad joke. They have no clocks, no windows and almost no chairs besides what’s at the games. They cash social security checks and give free jackets and hats to hardcore gamblers who look like they don't have two quarters to rub together. Grandmothers who once gave their grandkids a hard time for playing video games literally live at the slot machines. Nobody smiles as they play slots with names like Wheel Of Fortune, Monopoly and The Addams Family. To a child the casinos must look like video arcades. Intentional? Nah.... oh yeah, you can also lose your shirt in supermarkets, gas stations and 7 Elevens.

The mayor is an old time mob lawyer. It's too hot in the summer and too cold in the winter. There's no such thing as Fall and Spring. Either there's no rain for months and everything looks dead, or it rains in torrents. Everybody smokes. Everybody.

I've bitched enough. That so many people consider a weekend in Vegas a great time makes me doubt my own sanity. It's a dirty, burning desert with a population more transient than a hobo colony. Elvis died for your sins, not mine.

How The Hell Can You Be Against The Minimum Wage?!
Why Pay 37 Cents An Hour When You Can Pay 14?

Linda Chavez withdrew her bid to be George Bush’s Secretary of Labor after it was revealed she was two-faced when it came to hiring illegal immigrants. She is loathed by liberals who call her the female, Hispanic, republican Step 'N Fetchit. It’s also said she’s against the minimum wage. Which brings up a valid question: who the hell can be against the minimum wage?! On that list are lefty libertarians, conservative free market zealots, and major corporations who employ the majority of minimum wage workers. Libertarians are ultimately impotent because half of their positions piss off whoever agrees with them on the other half. The free market jerks are easy to spot because they support their arguments with irrelevant quotes from Our Founding Fathers, and for their inability to see people as anything but pieces in an economic model. Corporations set up phony legal defense funds and keep George Orwell spinning in his grave by calling their effort to eliminate the minimum wage the "Right To Work".

The National Right To Work Legal Defense Foundation is "a non-profit organization providing free legal aid nationwide to thousands of employees whose human and civil rights have been violated by compulsory unionism abuses." I think they’re asserting unemployment would be near 0% if everyone worked for five cents an hour. On the other end of the political spectrum, uber-liberals won't be happy until everybody in the world earns the same amount, which might average out to be $1.25 an hour. The National Right To Work Legal Defense Foundation try to make it seem they're supported by Joe and Jane six-packs who don't want to join unions, but in reality they're funded by large corporations against the minimum wages, increased health care, collective bargaining, the right to strike and the election of pro-labor representatives in government. There's also the separate National Right To Work Committee, which I bet is one office down the hall.

The real loons in the anti-minimum wage movement are fuzzy-haired conservative economists whose contempt for liberals seemingly comes from 1000s of hours glued to the Tubby Limbaugh radio show. Jim Cox, a real dick, teaches at a drive-through college in Atlanta and wrote a book on what he calls "common sense economics". He writes things like "the people who typically support the minimum wage law tend to be right-brained. Right-brainers focus on their feelings and good intentions and just simply feel better when they support this onerous law. So how do we, the good guys, reach them and persuade them of the truth and the light? I've come to the conclusion that the way to convert these people is to first shock them and then to argue in their language." See, he knows how to use the liberal's own wordy speakin' tricks against them! Yeeehaaa!

Another blockhead, Robert Higgs, uses the sarcastic approach popular with mouth-breathers whose fathers beat them regularly for their own damn good: "If raising the minimum wage alleviates poverty without causing job losses, as the left-liberals claim, why stop at $5.25? Make the minimum wage $50 per hour and really wipe out poverty! When the proposal takes this form, its absurdity becomes transparent. But the same logic applies to the proposed 90-cent increase." I myself believe you shouldn't give food to children because they're just going to poop it out and demand more. Higgs and I should do a meeting.

Some even dare argue that some people aren't worthy of the minimum wage: "No legislature can make a person worth a certain amount by simply making it illegal for employers to pay him any less. Legislators ought to ask themselves this question: Is it conceivable that someone out there in the labor market, because of age, handicap or lack of experience, may not be worth as much as $4.25 per hour? Or this question: Is there no job, no task that could be done, no need which could be fulfilled, that's worth, say, only $3.35 per hour?”

I hate this cold-hearted "rationality". Politically Incorrect host Bill Maher apologized last week for equating the mentally handicapped with dogs. Dogs! If he had a handicapped child, would he treat him or her like a dog? Of course not. Would he be thrown in jail and beaten daily by other prisoners if he did? Of course he would. Maher is an insensitive cretin, and so is anyone who sentences anyone to a life of forced poverty. I am in no position to know what the minimum wage should be. A low figure is bad for workers and a high wage is bad for small businesses. To imply there should be no minimum wage is just cruel.

I lost the article, but it said that most American toys are now manufactured in China, where an hourly pay rate of something like 37 cents an hour provides a decent minimum standard of living. So what do toy factory workers get paid in China? 14 cents an hour! Why can't Disney and Mattel insist the workers who make their toys earn a freaking measly 37 cents an hour?! Because it creates that much more profit? I do so wish there is an ironic hell for these morons to be dumped into when they die. Something involving carpal tunnel syndrome, slouching over a sewing machine, and being beaten every time you look up.

 Don't Be An Ass, Show Some Class

I live near Los Angeles, one of the major roads to Hell. I've also lived in New York (pay $10 in tolls to enter Hell), Las Vegas (last stop before Hell) and Washington, DC (insert punchline here). The two features of a hellhole that annoy me most are graffiti and litter. Why? They’re ugly, it shows a lack of consideration, it convinces people they either live in or are driving through a slum, and it's just not necessary. Nobody must toss fast food wrappers out car windows or spray paint on buildings. It's a conscious decision to turn streets into dumpsters and neighborhoods into gangland territories. Yeah yeah, I know, rich people litter too and governments pay to regularly beautify rich areas. I'm not just picking on poor folks.

People who litter are inconsiderate asses. Littering is an indicator of other problems, just like torturing animals as a youth is a good sign a child will become an adult sociopath. Littering is at best indifferent, and that mentality is behind all kinds of indiscriminate acts of aggression and unkindness. If you want to meet a remorseless walking id with a bad attitude, chat with the putz who just spent 5 minutes throwing every piece of garbage out of his car. I see that all the time in parking lots I use. If I was a Native American I would turn to the camera and shed a single tear.

Graffiti makes me laugh because some academics defend it as art. Art because it's self-expression practiced by the disenfranchised who are never responsible for their own actions. As if being against graffiti is a form of censorship. Graffiti looks like crap and it makes everything it touches look like crap. A slum is visually defined by graffiti more than anything else, and the gang warfare aspects of tagging only magnifies the danger and despair of the worst neighborhoods. Highway overpass signs in Los Angeles are surrounded by barbed wire to prevent tagging. Sometimes I feel like I'm driving through Beirut or a prison. What's even worse is when taggers deface beautiful murals. It's their way of saying "screw you" to any attempt to improve the neighborhood.

I wish more people had enough class not to soil themselves and everything around them. Litter is inconsiderate and graffiti is vandalism. Fines for littering should be handed out with the same frequency as parking tickets, and people should pay for the cost of removing the graffiti they create. You break it, you bought it. Auction off tagger's cars for the fines. Garnish their wages. I really don't care. Everyone has an excuse and nobody's responsible for their actions. I'm glad you can explain in exact detail why you hate the world and yourself. I don't want to pay to clean up your mess.

Society owes every citizen the minimum rights and opportunities needed to improve their lives. It can't guarantee results and it doesn't owe anyone the right to be randomly destructive. It's not a matter of liberal vs. conservative. It's a matter of doing the best you can with what you have. It's a matter of not being played for a fool. It's a matter of showing some class and not being an ass. Asses who crap themselves have no right to complain about the smell. 

(written in 2001) (On Aug. 10, 1999, white power defect Buford Furrow stormed into the Los Angeles North Valley Jewish Community Center, packed with children attending day programs, and fired more than 70 rounds. Three boys, a teen-age girl and a 68 year old woman were injured. He then headed into a San Fernando Valley neighborhood and killed Filipino-American mailman Joseph Ileto, who was shot nine times. Furrow surrendered in Las Vegas the next day, declaring he had intended to send a "wake-up call to America to kill Jews.")


Destroy All Monsters

Buford Furrow = Baby Shooter

Neo-nazi clown Buford Furrow's early morning war on a 68 year old grandmother and children from 5 to 16 should be a turning point in how we as a civilized nation deal with lunatics who band together to advocate and carry out acts of hate, violence, and even genocide. Now is the time to treat nazi and klan scum like the mad threats they are. It's less important to understand why they feel the way they do than it is to stop them. As we wait and study they recruit more troops and accumulate stronger arsenals.

It's time to realize bands of drooling murderers deserve no rights or understanding, only contempt and a determined effort to stop them. It’s time to treat them with the same level of contempt they have for others. It’s time to stop the "who are we to judge?" mentality hate groups count on to keep us impotent while they plan their sick rule of this country. Ever notice these walking mistakes on TV are always smiling when they talk about their First Amendment rights? That's because they think it's funny we give them the rhetorical tools of our own destruction.

We should classify hate groups as terrorists and wipe them out completely using every means possible, legal or otherwise. How can anyone judge what’s a hate group? Anyone advocating genocide, mass deportation or imprisonment based on race or skin color, the stockpiling of weapons for a war - these are signs of a hate group. Every white hate group is a nazi group. The KKK are simply southern nazis. Christian Identity and other "religious" movements are fascists who quote the bible along with Mein Kampf. We should constantly tie these groups together in people's minds as Hitler worshippers looking to do to America what Adolf did over 50 years ago in Europe. Shades of difference are only a distraction and waste of time.

Not only should every branch government work to wipe out hate groups, the church and even you and I can get involved. All Christian denominations must come together to denounce the Christian Identity movement as having nothing to do with Jesus or his teachings. They need to condemn nazis as abominations in the eyes of God. Organized religion is afraid to take a strong stand because of how they looked the other way when Hitler rose to power, but this is their chance to atone. The idea of honorable suicide should be planted in these cretin's heads as an alternative to taking out personal problems on innocent men, women and children. Print flyers about it and mail them to nazi groups. Paste them up on wherever the Church Of The Creator meets. Get the word out that it's better to take it out violently on yourself than on strangers.

We as a society do have the brainpower to differentiate between bigots like Archie Bunkers and kooks like Buford Furrow who laughs about shooting children in the name of race purity. Do you yourself not know the difference? Nobody's fooled when a nazi group claims not to advocate real violence but then in the same breath trumpet scum like Buford as heroes once they go nuts. Some say we prove we're not as bad as they are by extending rights to groups even as unpopular as nazis, as if we would be on the same level as nazis by wiping out nazis. Bullhooey. Nazis are way beyond inner-child issues. They want to torture and murder. If you won't take steps to stop them, then keep your stupid pie-hole shut and play with your Barbie Dream House view of the world while Mommy and Daddy go out and make the world safe for your delusions to seem real.

I'm sorry these losers have crappy lives (Boo Hoo), but when you cross the line into a rabid pursuit of systematic genocide then you're a rabid dog that needs to be put down quickly. Evil does exist on a secular level, and it's in the hearts and minds of violent hate groups. Now is the time to stop pretending nazis are anything less than they appear. They are terrorists who actively commit acts of crime, violence and murder under a banner of ideology that has no room for sense or reason. For them it's all about the hate. All your Logic and Love and Democracy and Understanding mean nothing to them. They’re just more reasons to want you dead. 

Shooting Babies, Part II

Random Thoughts On Buford Furrow

Short Eyes is an old prison term given to inmates who commit acts against children. Short Eyes are normally separated from the general prison population because left on their own they don't tend to stay healthy for too long. Even hardened convicts who file away under "stuff happens" the killings of mommies and daddies during the course of crime detest scumbags who mess with kids.

Buford Furrow single handily shattered the meager and delusional public relations campaign of the American hate movement. Even civilized people love to riot (Woodstock 99) and kill their neighbors (Bosnia, Germany), but firing a machine gun into 5 year olds and then laughing about it is ice-water on the erections of 99.9% of even the most psychotronic minds.

Sure, the guy’s laundry list of mental illnesses and violent acts should have signaled the authorities to take care of this problem before it got out of hand. There’s not enough resources to handle every potential problem person. My god, most people would either be in holding cells or asylums. I figured since his name was Buford the gov-mint shoulda bin trackin' his ever’ move since his folks, Maw and Toothless Joe, named their yungin’ as hillbilly royalty and then dropped him on his melon a few times fer luck.

Gun nuts will never go for universal firearms registration. Many truly believe the only reason we don't live in a totalitarian state is because the government knows patriotic gun owners will fight them and take back this country. It would be more practical to attack the lie of "20,000 gun laws" and take measures to keep guns out of the hands of criminals and the mentally unstable.

Buford Furrow, the great fat white dope, chose a Jewish Community Center because other targets were guarded by people with guns. Coward. What kind of war are you fighting when you're afraid of anything that stands in the way of your automatic weapon and little kids.

His explanation that he wasn't trying to kill kids but they got in the way of his gunning down a 16 year old and 68 year old woman was just too precious. Let’s marvel at that statement for a while, shall we?

I'm disappointed Buford didn't kill himself or was gunned down in a blaze of glory. The American hate movement needs as many dead martyrs as possible and the cost of flushing this live turd down the drain is a waste of time and money.

The other potential downside of a trial is having the press repeat every word, fart and body odor that comes from this guy. So far everything Buford's said has been an embarrassment to even his own people, so as long as the press provides the correct sound bites Buford will continue to be a painful sore on the ass of nazi America.

Memo to death penalty opponents: And we shouldn't execute Buford Furrow because....?

I can't stand know-nothings who go on TV and ask the mindless rhetorical question of how this man escaped from the police, SWAT teams, helicopters and police dogs. Me explain: since he was not observed leaving the initial crime scene the police had to assume he might still be in the area. Since he was possibly spotted in the hotel next to where he ditched his stolen car the police had to consider he might be in the hotel. The quick police response scared off Furrow and prevented him from shooting everyone else in the community center. Be thankful for that and don't ask dumb questions that aren't worthy of an answer. 

(written in 1998)

Interesting People Are Crazy

I've always considered myself an alternative culture person. Never a dumb jock, preppie, Deadhead, headbanger or an artsy fart, in the late 70s new wave/punk was a whole other category well suited for oddballs like me. Throughout my life I've gravitated toward weirdos because I thought they had to be more interesting than normal folk who possessed the intellectual curiosity of nose hairs. While my sympathies will always be with nice people who choose the unbeaten path, after 37 years I've decided once and for all that most “interesting" people are stark raving lunatics who should be drugged and monitored for their own good. Most are drugged as it is anyway.

By and large, people become punk, goth, greasers, fetishists, whatever, because they don't fit into established cultural modes, and these groups offer friendship, consolation, and encouragement. Being an "other" is never easy, and those who don't fit the mold can easily suffer from low self-esteem, false ego, paranoia, loneliness, drug and alcohol dependency, and aggression. More often than not sub-cultures only encourage and amplify pre-existing problems. Hippies wear tie-died clothing because it reminds them of acid trips. Punks dress like the mutant freaks they imagine Society sees them as. Goths wear black in romanticized Catholic images of death. Many live out a number of personal problems that make them both interesting and loonie tunes.

Sub-groups may make individuals feel better about themselves, but sadly they can also promote fear, stupidity, aggression, and self-destruction as legitimate forms of self-expression. In other words, problems are repackaged as virtues to be spit back at the world with an intensity you find in deranged minds convinced it's not them but the rest of the world that's crazy. All hope of normalcy gets tossed in the dumpster in an endless quest for new styles and attitudes.

When fashion, style and attitude - the tri-fecta of pretentiousness, are mixed with the unbalanced personality of your average alterna-kid, results go from bad to worse. As they say in the rainbow district, we're all born naked and the rest is drag. Style and fashion exist in the marketplace of capitalist commerce. We pick who we’ll be, buy the accessories and pretend we were born that way. What a lie, what a pose. Trendy social groups, especially ones obsessed with fashion, are based on exclusion. They set up hierarchies with a select few on top, and like fraternity hazing, they enjoy abusing those lower on the social chain whose goal is to make to the top so they can treat others like garbage as was done to them. It’s the guiding principle of college fraternities. The leaders are the most aggressive, obnoxious and nuts. What sets them apart is usually a pathological need to control others. Everyone is judged on how well they conform to arbitrary sets of rules imposed often just for fun. It's the contents of your closet, not the content of your character that counts. There's a cruelty aspect to fashion in that it's supposed to make you desirable because you're somehow superior to others. Fashion is what separates humans from, uh, other humans who can't afford fashion.

Smokers are nuttier than non-smokers because the monkeys on their backs make them anxious. Those who dress the most punk are almost always the least punk inside. I prefer nice and boring over interesting and crazy. I felt the opposite way until the novelty wore off completely.

Losers In The News 8/8/99

Linda Tripp – (She recorded phone conversations with her “friend” Monica Lewinsky and broke that story wide open). Dude don't even look like a lady. A grand jury indicted this walking sausage on state wiretapping charges that could lead to five years in prison for each offense and a $10,000 fine. The excuses for it, I mean her, made by Clinton haters would be funny if they weren’t simply sad. One calls the indictment against her "the most disgraceful, transparent campaign of politically motivated vengeance in recent American history.'' Tripp's lawyer compared her to civil rights heroes and equated the prosecution to McCarthy-era witch hunts.Right Wingers evoking civil rights, McCarthy and political vengeance? You can cut the hypocrisy with a spork. Super Chunky was warned by her attorney prior to the tapings that it was illegal to do so. She made the recordings in order to sell them and get a big bucks book deal. Patriotism and friendship had nothing to do with this - it was about money all the way. I hope she rots in jail (down to 200 lbs).

Woodstock 99 - Rapes, Riots and Rich Kids on LSD. What else could you expect from a convention of wealthy white kids who pathologically internalize the worst elements of rap, metal and punk culture into a style that extols the virtues of aggressive stupidity. Rich kids riot because they think they can get away with it, not because vendors charge too much for pretzels and water. An Irony Award is warranted for tearing down the Peace Wall to helpfuel the big riot bonfire.

Atlanta Shootings - Mark Barton's last jar of reality falls off the shelf and he murders his wife and 2 small children with a hammer. A few days later he walks into his workplace with a gun, kills 9, wounds 13, then takes his own life later on. The media scramble to explain why he did it. Was it the $500,000 he lost in day trading? No, it was because he was INSANE. You cannot apply logic to insanity. You cannot make sense of insanity. When he writes that he killed his 8 and 11 year old "to save them from a lifetime of pain", he might as well have said his dog ordered him to destroy evil flying lizards masquerading as children. Our need to know is a joke. I'm so happy he cleared the back of his throat with a bullet. At least it saved the expense of a useless trial and a lifetime of study. Psychopaths will tell you anything they think you want to hear, and they laugh at you for taking seriously anything they say. Crazy people like Mark Barton are totally incapable of explaining themselves and the world around them. There's nothing we can learn from these people.

The NRA - In the face of an endless parade of gun violence, the National Rifle Association sticks with their cult belief that the answer is not less guns but more guns. As a lobbying and sales tool of the gun industry, they push universal gun ownership as the solution. If everyone was armed there would then be "mutual deterrence", and like with nuclear arms, we'd all be civil and tip our hats to our neighbors like in cowboy movies. The NRA's gun lust goes beyond fetish to apocalyptic obsession. They talk of "20,000 gun laws" as proof laws don't work. They take each provision of every regulation on the sales, storage, manufacture and transportation of arms and ammunition and call them all "laws". How about trading in some guidelines on the storage of bullets for laws that stop felons from buying weapons at gun shows? The NRA fights any measure that might keep guns from flowing into the hands of lunatics and gangs, and then they use the 20,000 law argument. Did you hear the one about the guy who murdered his parents and then asked the judge for leniency because he was an orphan?....I have nothing against guns per say, and I know why people buy and keep them, but the NRA is neither reasonable nor rational.

China - How sad, revisiting Mao's murderous Cultural Revolution to attack the Falun Gong group just because more people believe in it than they do the Communist Party. Falun Gong is basically a series of breathing exercises and Tai Chi/Yoga movements. They have no political agenda and are as peaceful as the Amish. That's right, old people in the park balancing on one foot are the enemy of The People. Official Chinese media are working overtime to discredit Falun Gong, and the police are going 1984 in response to this alleged threat. A poll was taken recently in China, and while 53% believed in supernatural phenomena, only 3% expressed any belief in the Communist Party. Isn't that funny? That's why a sad crew of ancient comrades in potato sack Mao suits are using Orwellian tactics to stamp out a group whose only crime is having too many members. China has an endless variety of similar Qigong groups but only Falon Gong is under attack. How embarrassing. 

Tiny and Flaccid (oops, I mean Microsoft)

Libertarians and the Ayn Rand Death Cult

The other day a federal judge declared Microsoft a monopoly, asserting the company engages in a series of practices that strangles competition and inhibits innovation. Microsoft's bullying and anti-competitive tactics are well known, and I know it's easy to hate Bill Gates because the geek makes more in an hour of sleep then you'll make in a lifetime of toil and trouble. Microsoft will survive and Apple Computer users will continue to suffer from their bipolar superiority/inferiority complex. Linux people will remain virgins until they decide to pay for the service.

Antitrust and anti-monopoly laws are important because they reign in the most predatory aspects of capitalism, which still beats the crap out of Marxism any day. You hope products and services compete on a level playing field via their merits of price, features and performance. Well, sometimes they don't and that's when the government steps in, in this case against Microsoft. Taking up the battle for Microsoft are libertarians, who believe in total freedom for both individuals and corporations, which is hard to do at the same time because one's gain is often at the expense of the other. Libertarians are cousins of anarchists, who are sure the mere existence of laws and institutions creates lawlessness and organized evil. Anarchists think they can create utopia by drinking and vandalizing property. Libertarians go about it by spewing endless studies from the Cato Institute.

The lunatic fringe of libertarianism is the Ayn Rand Objectivism movement, a wannabe Scientology cult. Randies see the world as it's presented in Rand's long-winded novels of greed worship - what they see as self-interest above all. Rand's followers publicly protest against giving to charity, so even though they set up a phony front group to support Microsoft called "The Center for the Moral Defense of Capitalism" (CMDC), they must be fuming that Gates has given many many millions to charity. The fool! Years ago I might have mentioned the related opinions of marxists but now the only pure commies are American punk hippies whose view of politics comes from campus food co-ops and issues of MRR.

The rhetoric of libertarians and Rand cultists on the Microsoft case is hysterical. According to the CMDC, the Sherman Antitrust Act's break-up of Standard Oil at the turn of the century ushered in an era of massive new government restrictions on businessmen, who according to Rand are cast in the image of god herself. The CMDC literature asks, "What If...? What would have happened if businessmen, intellectuals and concerned citizens had joined together then to offer a moral defense of Rockefeller and Standard Oil? What would have happened if, instead of appeasing the anti-capitalist progressives, they had proclaimed proudly that the businessman has earned his wealth, that he is an exponent of the highest moral virtues, and that he has a moral right to be left free? What would have happened if the men of that time had offered a moral defense of capitalism? Might this have changed the course of history?... The fundamental issue at stake in the battle for capitalism is: Does man have a right to live for his own sake—or does he exist only as a slave to the needs of others? If he creates a business and produces a valuable product, does he have a right to profit from his efforts and control the company he has created—or does he have a right to operate only so long as he serves "the public," remaining obedient to its every whim? "

In the early morning you can smell the cow piles of hyperbole a mile away. Foaming-at-the-mouth greed is "the moral foundation of capitalism: the moral right of every individual to his own life, to his liberty, and to the pursuit of his own happiness." In this case, life, liberty and happiness only apply to the profit motive. The fact of profit makes all actions moral in the eyes of Objectivists. I await their strident defense of rape on the moral grounds the guy is "gittin’ some".

Neo-neo-nazi Pat Buchanan uses the same code language when he promotes his own agenda. The Cato Institute's views on the matter are less apocalyptic but as boring as anything moderated by William F. Buckley, a man who appears to be melting instead of aging. The rhetoric of fanatics fools only fools, but the world is filled with fools. In my agnostic view your best chance of getting into heaven is to try your best to do as little damage as possible. Freud was right. Life is a mad rush towards death. I see fanaticism is the most dramatic way of getting there, hopefully taking as many others with you as possible. That’s why I advocate honorable suicide.

 An Old Guy Gives The Kids What For

This was sent by Jim from the great state of Ohio. I edited it down (with his approval) and here it is. You can safely assume Jim grits his teeth when he talks. Enjoy!

If you spend any time on the punk internet you know Marilyn Manson fans are like Howard Sterns - they're both rabid and think the world begins and ends with their guy. Ive never heard a Marliyn Manson song and hopefully never will, but the cult of evil assigned to  this band is so freaking annoying. Like MM is the devil himself and a threat to civil society. A clue to these idiots - if you're on a major label, make videos for MTV and your average fan is 15 youre not a threat to anybody.

Too much makeup might be a danger if you're allergic to eye liner, but that's about it. Does anyone remember Alice Cooper? If you think Marilyn Manson is special, probably not. Kiss too. It's all theatrics for kids impressed by fire, explosions, costumes, and face painting. Is MM punk? Why it's even discussed is beyond me. Yeah, it's punk, if you don't know the difference between a fart and a burp! All good rock is about rebellion, so don't call MM punk just because they offend grownups.

I've heard they sound metal/glam/techno/alternative. Good for them. I've seen crap like this come and go, and believe you me, this too shall pass. Two years from now you'll find MM CDs in the $2 bin next to the Twisted Sister CD box sets. What they do is not new. It's only new to kids who've never seen it before. It's like the Macarena. If you didn't know immediately the Macarena would quickly become a national joke and a personal awkward memory, then you have no clue. No clue at all.

On a similar note, this whole "Vampire" nonsense makes me spitting mad like Ed Anger in The Weekly World News (if only I could write like him!) "We're all dead anyway, so why bother?". To anyone who believes stuff like thins, Fugg You! Kill yourself! Do it now! Why the hell should anyone give 2 screws about your pathetic, hyper-dramatic, Halloween costumed gloomy ass anyway? Why, because you're so damn pathetic? The most pathetic ass in the world? The Universe?

Do you spend every minute and dollar you have trying to win pity? If life sucks so much, kill yourself. Isn't that what you talk about doing all the time anyway? Writing boring, moaning poems about it too? Put up or shut up, losers. Change your life for the better or just die, but don't expect others to feel sorry for you, because that's what you want, isn't it? Pity, as in pathetic. Is that the best you can do, be pathetic? And you make it seem like glorious art or beautiful poetry. The white makeup, black lipstick, black rags for clothes and all the other accessories you need to be recognizable as pathetic.

What pisses me off most about you freak goth vampire posers is how much time, money, and effort you put into all this. If you expended half this effort toward actually improving your dumb lives you wouldn't have to mope around like you do.

And, oh yeah, if you're going to kill yourself, don't blow your brains out just so the ambulance guys will have to think about you while they scoop your brains from the floor. Now that's pathetic, forcing strangers to waste time on you (by the way, these guys think you're an ass too). Don't hop in front of a speeding train and don't jump off a tall building downtown during lunch hour. Consider overdosing on pills, or sit in the garage for a while with the car running. Wear an adult diaper when you do so you don't stain your sorry dead ass. By doing this you'll be showing class for the first and last time in your pitiful nothing life. The more spectacular the suicide, the bigger the ass you were when you were alive, so good riddance. "We're all dead anyway" Fugg You With All My Heart. Fugg You And Your Quivering, Pathetic Little Inner Child!

I'm sorry if you're a loser. Do whatever it takes not to be a loser. There's too many people in this world who legitimately need help. I'd hate to think resources and attention are being diverted away from those who really need it because of spoiled middle class putzes with "issues". Grow up, get a life and wash that crap off your face. Let your skin breath for a chance.


Crappy logic goes beyond false or misleading statements as defined by standard rules of logic and reasoning. Crappy logic is when normally intelligent people knowingly spew out false comparisons, thoughtless arguments, and wrong conclusions because they're zealots to an ideology and will say anything to convince others they’re right. A classic example is the politician who says, "Everyone I've spoken to agrees with me on this issue." As if they talk to or take seriously anyone who doesn't agree with them! If you don't like a person's position, crappy logic is one more reason to hate them, but you're a hypocrite if you don't feel embarrassed when your side does the same thing. Today's Crappy Logic Report comes from a Dec.5th Washington Post article on Peter LaBarbera, head of Americans For Truth About Homosexuality and publisher of the Lambda Report. He says, "We're against homosexuality. We don't hate the people. The gay movement equates us with racists. Everybody on our side thinks that's crazy. I hate racism. But to equate a behavior with skin color is wrong. There are millions of blacks and Hispanics who think homosexuality is wrong. Are they racists?"

To begin with, you can't separate sexual behavior from the people who exhibit that behavior. LaBarbera is trying to put a positive spin on negative intentions, like when the klan says "We don't hate black people, we love white people". The hope is that by saying "love" instead of "hate" they can't be labeled as evil. Who do they think they’re fooling anyway? The gay movement do equate themselves with the civil rights movement, which is mostly true but opens the door for debate by people like LaBarbera. Skin color and sexual orientation are not the same. As a people, all blacks face discrimination because of physical features and skin color. Gays face discrimination only when their orientation becomes public knowledge. Tell me what percentage of gays are still in the closet and I'll tell you that that percentage will never suffer the same discrimination as blacks in this country. Fairness is another issue. Gays and blacks should be accorded the same level of respect. What I'm saying is that race and sexual orientation are not equal categories. LaBarbera tries to use this opening to his advantage when he asks, "There are millions of blacks and hispanics who think homosexuality is wrong. Are they racists?" No, Pete, you idiot, that would make them homophobic! And when exactly were you elected the spokesman for millions of blacks and hispanics?

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